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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Driving In Congestion

Driving Fast Is Fun...

You probably enjoy the feeling of driving your automobile at high speeds down long stretches of open road with no care in the world. And who can blame you; it's a wonderful feeling. This is the epitome of enjoyment in driving.

...Commuting Isn't

But we commute during rush hour because we have to. Not for enjoyment. If we were driving merely for enjoyment (and not for our responsibilities), we would pick a much more convenient time.

Wise Ancient Proverb: If you are driving for fun during rush hour simply stop. It is unenlightened and very selfish.

Realizing that you are not driving for fun is the first step toward enlightenment as a Zen Traffic Driver. There are new rules for driving in this state of mind:

  • The posted speed limit is irrelevent. Traffic Zen requires you to discoverTRUE SPEED LIMIT the True Speed Limit and stick to it. This may be slower than the posted speed limit, but it will usually be faster than zero.

  • Speed should be changed gracefully. A Traffic Zen driver knows that acceleration and braking should be done as little as possible. Maintaining a constant speed close to the True Speed Limit is where enlightenment lies. Brake earlier and more slowly, accelerate later and more cautiously. Treat each as a precious act; do not waste.

  • Covering the road between you and the car in front of you can wait. Despite the low True Speed Limit, you should not drive close to the car in front of you. Leave space. This will help you discover the True Speed Limit, and will let you change your speed much more gracefully.

  • You cannot get to your destination any faster than the other cars will let you. This is a double edged sword. You also decide how quickly your fellow road dwellers will arrive at their destinations. In order to maximize everyone's travel, everyone on the road must achieve enlightenment. Fortunately you are only responsible for yourself.
The divine realization: You contribute to traffic congestion whenever you go faster than the car in front you. All cars improve the flow of traffic by going the same speed or slower than the car in front of them.

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