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Friday, May 11, 2007

Letter from Julie!

Here's a recent email I got from someone about this site. I thought I'd share with everyone since it explained the spirit of what we're trying to do here.

Dear iamseattletraffic,

Okay seriously, so this is really having an effect on me! I didn’t quite expect this, but I have been driving with the iamseattletraffic sticker in my window for about a week and I notice that I’m paying attention to my driving habit more closely. Especially in congested traffic!

I’m still working on cutting out the old habit of trying to accelerate too much and breaking, but I’m making progress, and I made a trip during commute time the other day without many stops. It made the whole drive seem less frustrating.

I find the advocating of the program has me more aware of my driving actions towards others and I’m cutting in less and being more aware and courteous overall. I’ll bet other drivers like being around me more…! :-)

Thanks for putting up this site (and to my friend for sending it my way)! Something I thought was sorta tongue in cheek actually made a big difference for a typically-unpleasant chunk of my day!



Julie, thanks for the email and keep moving toward Traffic Zen. We can do this one car at a time!

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daimajin said...

Happiness is contagous!