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Thursday, May 17, 2007

National Bike to Work Day

Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day, read more about Bike2WorkDay here. Many breakfasts are being offered, including one from my employer!

If you really want to send the oil companies a message, forget about meaningless one-day boycotts where you don't buy gas built still drive. Take the bike to work once a week, or ride the bus twice a week. If all Americans did that we'd save 10 billion barrels of oil a year, costing the oil companies about $600 billion dollars and lowering the price of gas by $1.25 a gallon.


Concerned Citizen said...

Wow! What you guys are doing is absolutely great. Personal responsibility really is the cure to traffic problems. Many times people complain about traffic, but if they stop to think... they'll realize that the reason there is a traffic jam is because they are there.

Mystery Man said...

Point: Another alternative to biking to work is to have someone do that for you.

The suggestion you mention (you bike 1 day / week) is good, but you can accomplish the same improvement in traffic by getting someone else to bike 1 day / week.

Realistically you shouldn't stop there though... you get 10-12 people to do that and that's 10 less cars in your way to work!

I am getting 1000 people to bike to work tomorrow and so traffic should be good enough to drive in.

Excitement is building!

United we can defeat traffic!

copykit said...

This is kind of like the Air Pollution Credits idea except for traffic.

One idea we've tossed around is to have "core hour" commuters pay "off hour" commuters when it's less convenient. A third party would broker the deal to keep it fair and check on whether people were following their commute hours. This way we could use financial incentives (without TAXES!) to stretch out the commute.


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