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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


All Seattle Commuters have an utter distaste for the irrational traffic that plagues this city. There are enormous multi-million dollar bridges that run between the east and west metropolitan sides of the lake, and even bigger and more expensive freeways that run from the north to the south.

Why then, you ask yourself in frustration daily, do we have such a problem with traffic at rush "hour"?

The answer is very simple: It is because of you.

You are stop and you are go. You are not paying attention. You are not considerate. You are not graceful.

I am not blaming you in particular. I am asking you to simply blame yourself.

Realizing that you are the reason traffic is congested is the first step toward true Zen Traffic Driving and eventual traffic mastery and Enlightenment. You must accept that we are all on this highly conjested freeway together, we are a community of travelers, and if anyone is to blame we are all to blame, especially yourself.

Another simple truth: There is but one person's behavior you can change. Your own.

You cannot escape the fact that you can only truly and permanently affect what you yourself do. You can try to ask, plead, beg, coax, will, bargain, and brutally force others to do what you want, it is true. But this is a temporary change. You cannot enlighten anyone but yourself.

How convenient that you can change the person that is to blame!

The divine realization: You contribute to traffic congestion whenever you go faster than the car in front you. All cars improve the flow of traffic by going the same speed or slower than the car in front of them.

This website is dedicated to freely enriching your life with true Traffic Zen Enlightenment. If you are willing to accept responsibility for the traffic conditions you have created, and share this enlightenment with others, we will be able to inexpensively save Seattle from congestion, travel times, frustration, and even deaths. In order for it to work, you must realize daily "I am Seattle Traffic."

Spread the word by purchasing an attractive and informative bumper sticker. It will lead to more enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

You're that sorry jerk who goes 10 mph when the guy in front is going 15, and makes me wait for you to pass the offramp so I can get off the freeway. You don't squeeze more people into less room by driving slower then the person in front of you. The solution is to "drive sane" "keep up" "signal" and "observe and obay other's signals." And maybe "don't wait until the last second to merge."

copykit said...

Squeezing more cars into less space is not the goal. The goal is to keep cars traveling smoothly. This can be accomplished by leaving more space (as opposed to speeding to tailgate only to have to brake quickly).

We advocated everything you're saying. But when you end up in bumper-to-bumper stop and go traffic, leaving space ahead of you is a great way to break up the congestion.

Thanks for the comment!