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Friday, June 1, 2007

Carpool? What's stopping you?

This Times Opinion piece from Nicole Brodeur about Ride Share and how she made friends and saved gas by ride sharing is wonderful.

The bonding truly came, though, on the way home, at the intersection of Jackson and 23rd: the state liquor store.

"Mind if I stop in here?" I asked, somewhat sheepishly.

"You know, I always drive past here, meaning to stop in... " she said.

We really didn't need to; we were both buzzing with the sense that Doing Our Part was not at all like a term paper, or back-country dentistry, or hell.

What took us so long?

What's taking you?


copykit said...

I used to vanpool from Renton to Redmond, which is a nasty commute alone. It was a great group of people, and we definitely had comraderie and a lot of fun in the van.

But it does take a lot of work and compromise to keep it together, like any relationship. I think that's why people like to drive alone; individualism. But it's very rewarding to be in the give/take of a shared commuting relationship, especially when you realize the good you can do for your small part of the road and air.

Anonymous said...

I used to carpool in the bay area. Impossible unless the guy lived next door, because you spend half the commute time driving around and picking people up.

copykit said...

We usually would all meet at a park and ride, then one person would drive from there. You're right, picking people up takes serious time.