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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Honk!

I just found out about a new aproach to traffic reduction from a new DOT report.

What do you think?


Honky said...

More drivers should be aware of this new strategy. I tried it the other day myself at 15th & Roxbury when the first driver at the light was looking around in the back seat for something when the light turned green. Upon my altering said driver of the changed status of the light, the passenger of that car indicated their appreciation of my assistance by waving at me with the longest finger of one hand. One block later, at a four-way stop, I neglected to repeat that assistance, and the passenger looked back at me while they sat there at the stop sign, seemily perplexed that I was not helping them further.

From now on I will honk ALL the time. I'm sure my fellow drivers will be glad that I do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if it worked in India, why not Seattle! I am all for more honking.

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